11-19 November 2020

The Owners
XYZ Films

The Owners

Julius BERG

United Kingdom

2020 / 110’ / English

Rural England; the early 1990s. Childhood friends Nathan and Terry are spurred on by out-of-town sociopath Gaz to rob the Huggins, the elderly local doctor, and his wife.

Nathan’s girlfriend Mary is dead against the plan but the lads are set: the doctor’s house is isolated, there’s a safe full of cash, no none will be home. It’s their way out of the shithole they’ve been born into.
But the Huggins return early. The tables are turned and a deadly game of cat and mouse ensues, leaving the youngsters fighting to save themselves from a nightmare they could never have imagined...

Tuesday 17 12:00 - 13:50Cine Albéniz 3
Thursday 19 15:15 - 17:05Cine Albéniz 3
DirectorJulius BERG.
IntérpretesMaisie WILLIAMS, Rita TUSHINGHAM, Sylvester MCCOY, Jake CURRAN y Ian KENNY.
GuiónJulius BERG y Mathieu GOMPEL.
FotoDavid UNGARO.
EscenografíaBobbie COUSINS.
MontajeMarc BOUCROT.
ProducciónXYZ Films, Wild Bunch, Logical Pictures y Blue Light.
DistribuidorA contracorriente films.

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