10-18 November 2021


Fancine Kpop contest 2021

Dance contest

               Date: November 13th, 2021

               Time: 12:00 to 15:00

               Place: Contenedor Cultural UMA stage

Participation rules:


1.     Minors must be authorized to participate by a parent or legal guardian. The authorization may be requested by the organizing team at any point.

2.     There are two categories: group and individual acts.

3.     Only songs in Korean or Japanese by Korean groups will be accepted.

4.     Acts may be a maximum of five (5) minutes long.

5.     Participants must send the song they wish to dance to asociaciónnoeul@gmail.com, and near the stage half an hour before the event with their song in a USB drive/MP3 (CD/DVD formats will not be accepted)

6.     The competition will be limited to 15 participants per category (group/individual) via the organization’s selection.

7.     In order to apply, participants must send an email to asociaciónnoeul@gmail.com with their real name, stage name or group name, name of every member of the group, the song they will dance to, a video or link with a proof of previous work (preferably a different one than the one they will be competing with) and a telephone number.

8.     Last day to apply is the 6th of November. On the 9th of November, a list of selected candidates will be posted on Noeul association and Contenedor Cultural’s social media.

9.     It is forbidden to use weapons, other impactful objects, or imitations that might be mistaken for real, as well as dangerous elements such as pyrotechnics or flammable items. It’s also forbidden to consume alcohol, cigarettes or narcotics.

10.  Any offensive, ill-natured or pornographic manifestation that could offend the audience is also forbidden. In this case, the performance will be interrupted without warning and it will be disqualified.

11.  Any advertising not authorized by the organization is forbidden.

12.  Participants must wash their hands with hydroalcoholic gel before their performance and obey the health measures established by the authorities.

13.  Participants must keep the appropriate social distance when compatible with their performance.

14.  The jury is composed of three members of Noeul association and the Fancine team.

15.  A first prize of 300€ and a trophy for the group category, and a prize of 150€ for the individual category; a second and third prize in both categories consisting of Fancine merchandise and a trophy.

16.  Cash prizes will be processed and managed by the University of Málaga accounting department once they have been granted.

17.  The jury’s verdict will be public and irrevocable, it must not be challenged by the participants.

18.  Participants allow the Fancine and Noeul teams their image rights, for filming and broadcasting the event in their webpage and social media, as well as some other written and/or digital media, without economic compensation.

19.  The organization is not obliged to film and broadcast any segment of the contest.

20.  Any failure to comply with these bases and rules can result in the disqualification of the participants in question.

21.  The organization will decide on any conflict not foreseen by these rules, as well as being able to make an exception that could contribute to the success of the contest or an improvement over its management.

22.  Participation in the contest implies accepting the bases and conditions that have been established.

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