11-19 November 2020


Young Jury

Ana López García

Masters student of Direction and Management of Digital Marketing, University of Málaga, and Bachelor’s in Advertising and Public Relations from the same University. Tv series are her passion, communication makes her feel alive and audiovisual culture is her perfect way for expression. Her other great passion is YouTube, the social media subject of her Final Degree Project. She has been volunteering at the XXV French Film Festival of Málaga and in the organization of several cultural events at University of Málaga.

Daniel Varela Gómez

Masters student of Logic and Science Philosophy, University of Granada, and Bachelor’s in Physics from University of Santiago de Compostela. In addition to his work in theoretical physics and philosophy, he is a regular visitor to cinema clubs and film festivals. He participated as a presenter in Umeå Europeiska Filmfestivalen (2017), he also collaborated with the Short Break Association in Umeå, where he selected films for screening and joined the event organisation team.

Desislava Strahilova Dimitrova

Bachelor law student at the University of Málaga. She has, however, shown her passion for performing arts from an early age, joining Veliko Tarnovo Theatre in Bulgaria at the age of six and displaying her commitment to music since she was five years old. She completed her piano and voice studies degree in the Manuel Carra Conservatory. Nowadays, she sings in the Malaga Opera Choir participating in productions such as “Aida” by Giuseppe Verdi and “The Ninth Symphony” by Ludwig van Beethoven.

Elina Cortés Puertas

Bachelor student of Audiovisual Communication at the University of Málaga. She has been working in photography, actively shooting creative portraits. Furthermore, she has worked as a camera and lighting assistant in a feature film. She would like to become a graphic designer working in the film industry.

Ignacio Galiardo Vivas

Masters student of Cinematography at the University of Córdoba and bachelor’s in Art History from the University of Sevilla. His studies focus on Andalusian cinematography; he is specially interested in film directors Miguel Alcobendas, Juan Sebastián Bollaín and Gonzalo García-Pelayo. In 2019 he published the article “De la escenografía tradicional española a la analogía con las vanguardias europeas de 1920 a 1936” in the Spanish journal El Pájaro de Benín. Furthermore, he has working experience as art director assistant in the film “Caracoles”, directed by Jesús Garrido, and extensive theatrical training acquired at the University of Cádiz.

Isabel Martínez Jiménez

Bachelor student of Journalism and Audiovisual Communication at the University of Sevilla. Her interest is oriented towards audiovisual productions and film scriptwriting. She has participated in several courses, contests and projects offered by programmes like Erasmus+. Moreover, she has visited the Film Festival and TV Cinejoven in Almeria.

José María Toro Piqueras

Doctoral student, and bachelor’s in Arab and Islamic Studies, at the University of Sevilla. As well as a Master’s in Science of Religions: History and Society from Pablo de Olavide University, and Master’s in Ancient Mediterranean with a special mention in Egypt and the Middle East from Open University of Catalonia. His interest in cinema dates back to his first years as a university student, when he participated in several film festivals, prominent among which is that of being Young Jury in the 9th edition of the African Film Festival of Córdoba (FCAT) and wining the Best Image Award of the 5th 36 HSF Film Festival of San Sebastián.

Inmaculada Ureña Asensio

Pianist and Bachelor’s in English Studies, University of Jaén. She also holds a master’s degree in English Studies with special mention in Literature, and she is currently a doctoral candidate. After attending several methodological and practical workshops, she has acquired a basic knowledge on short films production and post-production.

Pilar Cizaurre Melado

Bachelor’s in Philosophy and Master’s in Political Theory and Democratic Culture from Complutense University of Madrid, as well as Double Master’s in Philosophy and Modern Culture, and MAES from University of Sevilla. Her film interest centres on reflexive and critical analysis from a philosophical approach. She has visited various film festivals in Spain, such as DocumentaMadrid, Cineuropa and Tarazona and the Moncayo Comedy Film Festival.

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