10-18 November 2021




(University of Málaga students only)


The Culture Department offers the possibility to participate in certain tasks during the celebration of Fancine – Málaga Fantastic Film Festival (10th to 18th of November, 2021)

The tasks in question are the following:

Task 1: Helping the organizing team in the area of public relations with the guests.

Meant for: Publicity and Public Relations students

Task 2: Participate in the Communications department, writing press releases and managing social media profiles.

Meant for: Journalism students

Task 3: Audiovisual coverage of Fancine activities. Filming events and editing footage. Taking pictures of the events.

Meant for: Fine Arts, Audiovisual Communication and Journalism students

Task 4: Translating press releases and interviews with directors.

Meant for: Philology, Translation & Interpretation students

Task 5: Selling merchandise in the Albéniz theater and Teatinos campus during the festival.

Meant for: any major

Task 6: Assistance in the educational project for secondary students in Paraninfo (El Ejido campus).

Meant for: any major



Being an UMA student

Signing up here: fpls.in/colaboradores31fancine

The deadline for applying is the 20th of October, 2021.

It’s not a requirement but knowledge of English will be highly valued (tasks 1, 2, 4 and 5), as well as knowledge of tools for image formatting for social media (tasks 2 and 3). In the case of task 6, English is a requisite.

In the selection process, other than the applicant’s profile, the order of application will be considered.

At the end of the festival, participation in FANCINE can be certified, if so requested.

A maximum of 3 ECTS credits can be obtained. For this purpose, the document requested at the end of the festival must be presented at the student’s faculty.

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