10-18 November 2021



Tickets for screenings at Cine Albéniz

Ticket price: 3 euros.

10 ticket bundle: 20 euros.


Where can I purchase them? At the Cine Albéniz box office or online via www.unientradas.es. And during the festival, at the Cine Albéniz box office.

Tickets for other activities:


Opening ceremony (on 10 November). Ticket price: 3 euros.
Closing ceremony (on 18 November). Ticket price: 3 euros.


Drive-in: Freee access until full capacity is reached

Soundtrack Concert: Film music concert offered by the OSPM (Orquesta Sinfónica Provincial de Málaga) directed by Arturo Díez Boscovich. Higher Technical School of Telecommunications Engineering. Ticket price: 3 euros. Online purchase via www.wegow.com

Activities taking place at the "Contenedor Cultural". Ticket price: 3 euros. Online purchase via de www.wegow.com

Entrance is free until full capacity is reached: every parallel activity and screenings taking place in other venues of the festival (Assembly Hall of the Rectorate of University of Málaga and the Contenedor Cultural).

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