10-18 November 2021 D-19



La Madre de los Beatles, a creative Málaga-based studio, has developed the piece, which features Tecla Lumbreras, university vice chancellor

A zoom meeting, six pioneers from different fields of study and a mysterious invitation. This is the premise of the new ad for the 31st edition of Fancine, the Fantastic Film Festival of the University of Málaga, who has chosen science as its theme for the year, as a post-pandemic homage. La Madre de los Beatles, a creative studio based in Málaga, has created this audiovisual piece which stars a group of notable female investigators from different time periods, as a way to pay homage to the women who dedicated their life and talent to science, and whose contributions have often gone unrecognized.

The famed Marie Curie, played in the ad by actress Alessandra García, serves as moderator of the call where half a dozen members of C.A.O.S club (Anonymous, Forgotten and Silenced Scientists) are gathered. Amongst them are such distinguished names as Hypatia, astronomer and head of the School of Alexandria; the French mathematician Émilie du Châtelet, producer and filmmaker Alice Guy, actress and inventor Hedy Lamarr and Mary the Jewess, the first female alchemist, played in this piece with a comedic and transgressive tone by vice chancellor Tecla Lumbreras. The mission of this fun virtual meeting is none other than reveal who has sent the mysterious letter that the club received, and they gladly and happily accept the recognition by film festival Fancine in this new birthday, which will be celebrated from the 10th to the 18th of November in the Albéniz theater and other university locations.

The presentation of this ad falls on the same week as the ‘Noche europea de los investigadores’ (European night of researchers), the yearly event dedicated to scientific research organized in the city by UMA and other institutions. In this peculiar way, the university competition is added to the list of events that recognize the work done by this field.

The ad, now a part of the festival’s marketing campaign, can be seen on the Fancine Facebook, Twitter and Instagram profiles, their webpage, their YouTube channel, as well as before each screening during the festival.


Idea, guion y dirección:
La Madre de Los Beatles

Dirección de fotografía:
Jorge Agó

Mucho Ojo

Claudia Laguna

Casting y dirección de actrices:
Alessandra García

Alessandra García
Elena de Cara
Marta Howard
Sarah Benavente
Casandra la Bizarra
Tecla Lumbreras

Dirección de arte, estilismo y make up
Sol Norte


‘Asia Fantástica’ course

Additionally, the festival has announced an educational activity that will take place on the week before, and is organized in collaboration with CineAsia, who yet again will have an important and active presence in Fancine. It will be a partly in-person course about the phantasmagorical mythologies and traditions from different Asian countries on the basis of Asian cinema, via the key points needed to understand the films produced in said continent. Anyone interested can enroll, however, current University of Málaga students can gain 1 ECTS credit once the activity is over. Information on application, deadlines, syllabus, and price is available on the CineAsia webpage and the news section of Fancine’s webpage.


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