10-18 November 2021

La luz
Iago De Soto Gudayol & Eye Slice Pictures

La Luz

La luz

Cortometrajes de Imagen Real


2021 / 13’ / Spanish / forbidden under 18

Short film

19th century. In a small coastal village, Olalla and her family prepare for the night of “The Truce”. There is only one rule: no lights should stay on tonight. Olalla, unlike her parents, does not believe in superstitions. And she doesn’t think They are coming either…

Tuesday 16 17:00 - 18:56Cine Albéniz 1
Thursday 18 19:15 - 21:11Cine Albéniz 2
DirectorIago DE SOTO.
CastPaula GALLEGO, Pablo VÁZQUEZ, Oti MANZANO and Nico RUIZ.
ScreenplayRubén SÁNCHEZ TRIGOS.
CinematographerMiguel LEAL.
Production designerAitor & Francisco ALMUEDO.
EditorEdu DE SOTO.
MusicPau LOEWE.
ProductionIago De Soto Gudayol and Eye Slice Pictures.
DistributorDistribution with Glasses.

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