11-19 November 2020

The Watchman
Invada Film

The Watchman




2019 / 90’ / Russian

Vlad is a young man in his 40s who works as a watchman at an old health resort intended for demolition. He needs this work for living in seclusion. Vera and Stas are a young married couple in hiding. They are being chased by ex-business partners and friends of Stas. One night, the couple comes to the resort. Vlad decides to help Vera and Stas as far as he hides from the past himself. The payback for the wrong life decisions is inevitable for each of them. However, all together they still have a chance to atone for the mistakes.

Sunday 15 12:00 - 13:30Cine Albéniz 3
Monday 16 15:15 - 16:45Cine Albéniz 3
DirectorYuriy BYKOV.
IntérpretesYuriy BYKOV, Vladislav ABASHIN, Alla YUGANOVA, Aleksandr KUZMIN, Artur BESCHASTNY y Gela MESKHI.
GuiónYuriy BYKOV.
FotoVladimir USHAKOV.
MontajeAnna KRUTIY.
ProducciónInvada Film.
DistribuidorRussian World Vision.

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