11-19 November 2020

The Queen of Black Magic

La Reina de la Magia Negra

The Queen of Black Magic / Ratu Ilmu Hitam

Horror Zone


2019 / 99’

Hanif brings his wife Nadya, and their 3 children to the orphanage where he grew up. The caretaker of that orphanage, Mr. Bandi, has grown very old and sick, and Hanif wanted to see him after all these years. Hanif is joined by two of his best friends. That night, they all arrived to the orphanage. They were going to stay the night there to show respect for the person who took care of them as children. They expected it to be a quiet and peaceful night there, however they soon realized they were wrong. One by one they begin to experience things that are supernatural and terrifying.

Monday 16 12:00 - 13:39Cine Albéniz 3
DirectorKimo STAMBOEL.
IntérpretesArio BAYU, Hannah AL RASHID, Adhisty ZARA, Muzakki RAMDHAN y Ari IRHAM.
GuiónJoko ANWAR.
FotoPatrick TASHADIAN.
MontajeArifin CU'UNK.
MúsicaYudhi ARFANI.
ProducciónRapi Films, SkyMedia y Screenplay Films.
DistribuidorNikkatsu Corporatión.

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