11-19 November 2020

Los traductores
Trésor Films

Los traductores

Les traducteurs


France, Belgium

2019 / 105’ / estreno francés / French / Mandarin Chinese, Danish, Greek, English, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Russian

Isolated in a luxurious residence without any possible contact with the outside world, nine translators have gathered to work on the latest volume of one of the greatest successes in world literature. But when the first ten pages of the novel are published on the internet, and a hacker threatens to unveil the rest if he is not paid a colossal ransom, a question becomes haunting: where does the leak come from?

Wednesday 11 15:15 - 17:00Cine Albéniz 3
Thursday 12 15:00 - 16:45Cine Albéniz 2
DirectorRégis ROINSARD.
IntérpretesLambert WILSON, Olga KURYLENKO, Riccardo SCAMARCIO, Sidse BABETT KNUDSEN, Alex LAWTHER y Eduardo NORIEGA.
GuiónRégis ROINSARD, Daniel PRESLEY y Romain COMPINGT.
FotoGuillaume SCHIFFMAN.
EscenografíaSylvie OLIVÉ.
MontajeLoïc LALLEMAND.
MúsicaJun MIYAKE.
ProducciónTrésor Films.
DistribuidorFlins & Piniculas.

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