11-19 November 2020

La ciudad de los niños perdidos
Constellation - Lumière Pictures - Le Studio Canal+ - France 3 Cinéma

La ciudad de los niños perdidos

La cité des enfants perdus

Justo a tiempo
Jean-Pierre JEUNET y Marc CARO

France, Belgium, Germany, Spain, United States

1995 / 112’ / French / Cantonese / -16 años

Over a marine platform lost in the mist, behind a minefield, poor Krank is aging prematurely because he lacks an essential dimension: the ability to dream. Krank doesn’t wish to age and the only way to achieve this is kidnapping children and stealing their dreams. One arrives to rescue his younger brother. He is joined by Miette’s gang, and together they face the evil Krank.  

DirectorJean-Pierre JEUNET y Marc CARO.
IntérpretesRon PERLMAN, Daniel EMILFORK, Judith VITTET, Dominique PINON y Jean-Claude DREYFUS.
GuiónJean-Pierre JEUNET, Marc CARO y Gilles ADRIEN.
FotoDarius KHONDJI.
EscenografíaMarc CARO.
MontajeHervé SCHNEID.
ProducciónConstellation, Lumière Pictures, Le Studio Canal+ y France 3 Cinéma.

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