11-19 November 2020

El tiempo en sus manos
George Pal Productions - Galaxy Films Inc.

El tiempo en sus manos

The Time Machine

Justo a tiempo
George PAL

United States

1960 / 103’ / English / todos los públicos

Here today, gone tomorrow. When George (Rod Taylor) sits at the controls of his creation, he has all the time in the world. He’s invented a Time Machine that whisks him from 1899 to war-ravaged moments of the 20th century and into 802701. In that far-off era, passive Eloi face a grim future as prey to the glowing-eyed subterranean Morlocks… unless the time-traveling stranger from the past intervenes.

DirectorGeorge PAL.
IntérpretesRod TAYLOR, Alan YOUNG, Yvette MIMIEUX, Sebastian CABOT y Tom HELMORE.
GuiónDavid DUNCAN.
FotoPaul VOGEL.
MontajeGeorge TOMASINI.
MúsicaRussell GARCIA.
SonidoFranklin MILTON.
ProducciónGeorge Pal Productions y Galaxy Films Inc..

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