10-18 November 2021



The newly opened space will screen four titles from the 11th to the 14th of November, such as the national premiere of ‘Till Death’

With less than a month before the opening of its 31st edition, the fantastic film festival from the University of Málaga has already announced several of the titles that make up the program. Some in the Albéniz theater, the epicenter of the competing films, some in other venues – a collection of university spaces like the rectorate, Paraninfo, and Contenedor Cultural – but on this occasion, Autocines Málaga, the newly inaugurated space in the industrial area Intelhorce, is added to the list.

Thanks to the agreement reached by both entities, four films will be screened from the 11th to the 14th of November in the drive-in, the second largest one in Europe, with a capacity for more than 200 vehicles. The first of which is ‘Till Death’, which arrives in our country due to Fancine a day before its commercial release. This survival thriller starring Megan Fox begins with a woman waking up handcuffed to her husband’s corpse after they both shared a romantic evening in a remote house near a lake. An agonizing escape ensues as she fights off the hitmen hired by her husband as part of a twisted plan.

Then on Friday, this retro space emulating the classic American drive-ins of the fifties will host a screening of the last Palm d’Or winner at the Cannes Festival: ‘Titane’, the new film by Julia Ducournau, a disturbing but visually impactful work about a young woman with a titanium implant, a strange obsession with cars and a killer instinct hiding from the law.

And from this recent success, Fancine’s programming jumps onto a cult classic: the re-release of ‘The Day of the Beast’ in a remastered 4K copy. Álex de la Iglesia’s second feature film won 6 Goya Awards in 1995, including best director. More than 20 years after its premiere, the university festival has seized the opportunity to rewatch this gem of Spanish horror in a new great format. It follows a Basque priest who travels to Madrid to avoid the birth of the antichrist on Christmas Day accompanied by a young metalhead.

The last of the screenings will be ‘The Survivalist’, directed by John Keeyes and starring Jonathan Rhys Meyers and John Malkovich as the main characters. Set in a post-apocalyptic future, the film follows a farmer who protects a young woman immune to the virus that has annihilated most of humanity from a group of villains who are trying to kidnap her for their own evil purposes.

Asian- centered programming

As well as this new collaboration, Fancine is strengthening its ties with other institutions and associations, like CineAsia, who will once again be present in the festival with the ‘Fantastic Asia’ collection. The screenings will be free and held in the University of Málaga Rectorate during the first half of the competition. They will be followed by a discussion of the film. This activity’s program has selected several Asian productions from different genres and nationalities. It is composed of the Indian ‘Enthiran’, the Korean thriller ‘Tunnel’, Taiwanese ‘Butterflies’, and the Japanese science-fiction film ‘Robo-G’.

The side activities will also have an important Asian component. As announced on social media last week, the tradicional K-Pop contest will be held again this year, organized in collaboration with No-Eul association. It’s a dance contest where participants, divided into group and individual categories, recreate choreographies by some of the most popular bands from this musical genre, such as BTS. Lastly, Mu Teatro will once again stage a production during 31 Fancine, in this case revisiting the classic film ‘Metropolis’.

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