10-18 November 2021




Donostias’s Horror & Fantasy Film Week, Fancine – Fantastic Film Festival in Málaga, and Terrormolins – Horror Film Festival in Molins De Rei, three national events that share both a theme and the time period when they are held, are joining forces during these complicated times in order to promote, spread and create content related with the fantasy and horror genres. This is what the ‘Noviembre Fantasma’ (Ghost November) initiative is about, creating a new shared medium where original content can be posted, as well as some award-winning short films from past editions of the three festivals.

This online platform, accessible via the festival’s corresponding websites, will feature many pieces of content for free that will be of interest to fans of this cinematic genre. From short films to interviews as well as the streaming of talks, this new proposal has the goal of intensifying the fantastical aspect of the month of November and feeding Spain’s passion for the fantasy and horror genres.

In this way, an alliance between festivals is materialized, whose mutual understanding has been demonstrated before in previous collaborations like through the Méliès International Festivals Federation. ‘Noviembre Fantasma’, which is set to keep going in the future, will also serve to accompany the three participating festival’s programming with alternative audiovisual content, who are going on with their respective editions in 2020 with an in-person as well as an online presence. The platform intends to become a forum where their similar fantasy-related audiences can come together, as a way of introducing them to the other events and offering them a chance to get to know them virtually.


Short film anthology

Noviembre Fantasma will be launched starting with an anthology of short films awarded in each of the festivals. The seven total productions selected for this section will include famous titles like ‘Voice Over’, the work by Martín Rosete nominated in 2012 for best fiction short at the Goyas; ‘Brutal Relax’, a gory and extreme story by Rafa Dengrá, David Muñoz, and Adrián Cardona; or ‘Baghead’, Alberto Corredor’s directorial debut about the resurrecting of the dead, featuring a witch.

Also available will be ‘Ghost Train’, where Irish filmmaker Lee Cronin fuses drama and mystery in a disturbing tale; Ilja Rautsi’s ‘Helsinki Mansplaining Massacre’, the horror-comedy with a powerful feminist message in the background; and ‘Quenottes’, the fantastically diabolical version of the “Ratoncito Pérez” (Tooth Fairy) character by French directors Pascal Thiebaux and Gil Pinheiro.

The anthology is complete with the recent film ‘Wild Love’, a wild and entertaining story that stars revenge-hungry beavers by Paul Autric, Léa Georges, Zoé Sottiaux, and Maryka Laudet.

The short films will be available between the 1st and 30th of November in the ‘Noviembre Fantasma’ platform found here: www.noviembrefantasma.es or on each of the festival’s websites: www.sansebastianhorrorfestival.eus, www.fancine.org, and www.molinsfilmfestival.com


More exclusive content

Throughout this month of November, a series of interviews done expressly for this occasion will also be released, to people such as the veteran cinema expert Luis Gasca, the Japanese filmmaker Daisuke Sato, the expert in Japanese fantasy Daniel Aguilar, or the director Brian Yuzna.

A special video monograph from Marea Nocturna, the well-known podcast; a video essay by Las Bloody Girls; a talk about the nature of horror films; and other pieces of content will also be released. They will be announced soon on the three festival’s social media and webpages.



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