10-18 November 2021


City of Lost Children

Jean-Pierre Jaunet, Marc Caro, 1995. France

Over a marine platform lost in the mist, behind a minefield, poor Krank is aging prematurely because he lacks an essential dimension: the ability to dream. Krank doesn’t wish to age and the only way to achieve this is kidnapping children and stealing their dreams. One arrives to rescue his younger brother. He is joined by Miette’s gang, and together they face the evil Krank.  

Tuesday, 26th of October. 7 p.m.

Entrance is free until full capacity is reached (maximum 40).

Once the event has begun, it will not be possible to access the premises. Please be punctual.

The activity includes a free Victoria beer (+18) and Coca-Cola.

Room 3, Contenedor Cultural (Bulevar Louis Pasteur, nº23. Campus de Teatinos. Málaga).

You can check out the full October programming of Contenedor Cultural here.

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