10-18 November 2021 D-19





Yet another year, film screenings* will take place at Contenedor Cultural (in the University of Málaga) before the new edition of Fancine, the Málaga Fantastic Film Festival begins, which turns 31 this year. The sessions are free until full capacity is reached, in a first come first served manner.

Room 3, Contenedor Cultural (Bulevar Louis Pasteur, nº23. Campus de Teatinos. Málaga).

You can check out the full October programming of Contenedor Cultural here

*Entrance is free until full capacity is reached (maximum 40). Once the event has begun, it will not be possible to access the premises. Please be punctual. The activity includes a free Victoria beer (+18) and Coca-Cola.



The Fancine passport takes you on a journey through a selection of fantasy films, with which you can aspire to different rewards.

Obtain the passport in the Fancine merch stand in the Contenedor Cultural and collect all the stickers you can in order to win fantastic prizes.

This year the customized cats were designed by a special guest, so don't lose your chance to get them all :)

How to win the prizes

1. Stick the sticker on its corresponding passport page

2. When you have enough of them, go to the same place you got your passport and the stickers. There, as long as there is stock left, you are eligible to win the following prizes:

If you have at least 10 stickers: festival merchandising pack (subject to the stock that is remaining. 50 units)

If you have the 20 stickers: customized smartwatch and a festival merchandising pack (subject to the stock that is remaining. 10 units)

Non-cumulative prizes: if you reach the 10 stickers, you must decide if you receive your corresponding prize or you try to reach the bigger prize with 20 stickers. 

How to get the stickers

1. Get your ticket for one of the films on the passport in the Albéniz ticket office or www.unientradas.es. For Albéniz screenings, the tickets obtained via an invitation will not be valid. For the drive-in screenings, the corresponding stickers will be obtained during the session. 

2. For the Albéniz screenings, be it before or after the film, stop by any of the spots where you got the passport. Present your ticket. A member of Fancine will stamp it and give you the corresponding sticker that your ticket reflects. There will only be stickers for the films that appear in the passport. 

3. This year, exceptionally, there will be a wild card sticker, which can be redeemed for any ticket from any of the films in the Albéniz, except the tickets obtained via invitation. There will be a maximum of one wild card sticker per passport. 

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